Payment Type

Parents can now create a MyPaymentsPlus account ( to fund and manage student meals online. This system speeds up serving lines in the cafeteria, eliminates the need to send checks to school and worry about missing or forgotten lunches, and is an enriching MyPaymentsPlus that parents can use here to go online or call 877-237 -0946 to make payments.


Food allowance for your students. Food bill. With MyPaymentsPlus, you can make free deposits, view account balances, and even create settings to automatically recharge your account or receive free reminder emails when student credit is low.

MyPaymentsPlus, developed by Horizon Software International, provides parents and guardians 24/7 access to manage cafeteria accounts at participating schools. · View current cafeteria account balances for all of your students. · Deposit funds securely in the accounts of your choice. · Activate low balance notifications. · Monitor items purchased at school.


MyPaymentsPlus offers an efficient and simple way to make payments quickly and securely at any time through a simple Internet connection.

What Are The Different Types Of Payments?


  • You can send cash or checks to prepay for your child’s lunch and/or breakfast.
  • Put cash or a check in a sealed envelope.
  • Write your child’s name, lunch number (if you know it), and value on the outside of the envelope.
  • Review your school’s lunch prepayment procedures. (Classroom, office, or dining room teacher)

Control Your Food Balance

The FREE feature of the app allows you to update your lunch balance and receive automatic notifications when your account falls below the specified amount.

Lunch Credit Email Reminder

The RCSD will send a free email reminder to students with LESS THAN THREE DAYS of credit on their meal account. Reminders are sent twice a week to the email addresses specified in InfoSnap.