MyPaymentsPlus offers an efficient and easy-to-use method to make payments quickly and securely, as long as you use a simple internet connection. No more annoying sending too many checks from different areas to multiple substitute students. Everything should be possible with just one fee on MyPaymentsPlus. MyPaymentsPlus also allows you to receive free messages with little credit and to view Internet purchases in the cafe most of the time.


Skyline Software International, LLC is a global innovator in the programming, management, and development of the food management business. With more than 15,000 locations around the world, Horizon has an answer for all food handling substances, including medical services, universities, retirement networks, and K-12 schools.

The free MyPaymentsPlus app takes parenting convenience to a whole new level by bringing you many features from the MyPaymentsPlus.com website. Simplicity and security are at the heart of the MyPaymentsPlus app, which parents can use to log in with their existing usernames and passwords, check their account balance, view purchase history, and make purchases, card payments. credit or direct debit. Parents can even upload photos of their students for a personal touch.


Different Types Of Features Offer By MyPaymentPlus

  • MyPaymentsPlus connects directly to your school’s backup database so we can see past due balances and accounts so you don’t have to call or visit your school to get data.
  • Whether you’re babysitting your sophomore at lunch, renting storage space for your child at the center, or purchasing a driver’s license for your family’s new driver, MyPaymentsPlus makes sure nothing is missed, from kindergarten through graduation.
  • More than 2 million tutors trust MyPaymentsPlus to facilitate school meals, fees, and training costs. Despite a real serenity, the tutors also have the advantage that all the school supplies are in the same place.